Data Privacy

Protecting the privacy of smartphone users means protecting the privacy of all of us: Families, friends and colleagues.

How we protect your privacy

Crowd Statistics
Crowd Statistics:

Businesses only receive crowd-level statistics from us, e.g., 300,000 people visited this supermarket last month. If a place is rarely visited, we do not provide statistics for it.

Anonymous Insights
Anonymous Insights:

We use anonymization methods such as infusing synthetic data. By doing so, we ensure that individuals cannot be identified, even if a business combines our data insights with other data.

App Permissions
App Permissions:

Every app needs to ask (a) if you want to share location data only with the app and (b) also with other companies for defined purposes. If you decline sharing data with other companies, no data will be shared with us. However, you will still be able to use the app. You can change permissions any time.

Device Level
Device Level:

Data we receive is associated only with your device ID, meaning we do not know your name, phone number or email. We have to collect the device ID in case a device owner wants to verify that we store data of this device.

Your privacy questions answered

We believe that privacy is not only about protecting people’s data, but also about transparent communication. Thus, we want you to know:

Where do we get location data from?

We receive location data from partner companies, which themselves receive the data from apps installed on mobile phones.

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Why do we use location data?

Anonymized location data help companies make smarter decisions, whether it is building new supermarkets where people need them most or offering sustainable mobility solutions in areas with high congestion.

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Do we use location data to target individuals with personal advertisement?

No. We have no interest in individualized advertising and we do not sell any information about you as an individual. We only help companies better understand groups of people without showing them ads on their smartphones.

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How can you prevent sharing your data with PlaceSense or other third parties?

In your privacy settings of your smartphone, you may start or stop location sharing for specific apps or purposes at any time. In any case, we only receive location data if you have permitted data sharing with the app partners we work with. The app asks you if this is ok for you when first downloading the app. If you decline or of the app does not ask you, not data is shared with us.

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Your question was not answered?

Feel free to take a look at this privacy Q&A (called privacy notice) or contact us.