Data Privacy

Be on the safe side with aggregated, anonymized consumer location statistics.

The Privacy Paradox

Businesses need consumer insights to invest resources efficiently, but are hesitant to process consumer data due to privacy regulations.

We solve this. PlaceSense combines proprietary machine learning and anonymization algorithms to create location insights, which are unique in their granularity and privacy protection.

How we ensure privacy and GDPR compliance


PlaceSense only provides anonymized consumer insights for a given area or location. Our inhouse methodology combines aggregation, generalization and randomization technology so data stays private even if it is in any way exported or exposed.


Businesses only receive group-level statistics for locations from us. We do not provide crowd statistics for places that are rarely visited, as this would put privacy and insight validity at risk.


We work with partners specialized in GDPR-compliant consent collection from apps. Nearly all global data companies receive data from apps based on the same consent and via the same partners, making it the industry standard.


We employ a data protection officer who is ISO/ANSI certified as Information Privacy Professional for Europe (CIPP/E) and Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) by the IAPP

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