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Pursue your passion in a fast-growing startup

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Are you looking for an internship abroad, scholarships, flat hierarchies, and an innovative work environment?

We have got you covered!

What do we offer?

  • Internship in a fast-growing start-up company with just a few weeks lead time and no time-consuming visa applications
  • Scholarship of up to 500€ / month provided by on top of our own expense compensation
  • Pursue your interests from day 1 and expand your skills in a special area of responsibility
  • Through our flat hierarchies, you can get involved in internal & external meetings
  • Insights into working with international clients, partners and investors (innogy, Nielsen)
  • Team of serial entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in the digital startup world​
  • The support of our German Alumni network to help you in case of questions

About Placense

placense is a startup bringing people and cooperations closer together in the offline world. We do so by offering businesses a safe and transparent way to understand the connection between people and places. On our platform, businesses can access real-time information on any location in the world. e.g. which shop is the most popular. Some of our investors include innogy and Nielsen innovate.


RWTH Aachen

For me, being part of “placense is a once in a lifetime experience. You truly get the full startup experience in the very heart of Israel, the nation with the highest startup concentration in the world.
From day 1 you have the freedom, flat hierarchy and steep learning curve that none of my previous internships at SMEs and big corporates could offer. At , you are more than an intern, you are a team member of our daytime family. What started out as an internship for me quickly became a friendship with the mission of bringing businesses and people closer together. Pursuing this mission with a team of great friends, who are also experienced innovators, is one of many reasons why I took the chance and joined placense last year.”


RWTH Aachen

Here I learned what innovation really means: Innovation is change! Placense is like being part of a family and also being treated like that. One speaks on equal terms with each team member and is thereby much more agile with the decision making. All problems are immediately tackled and removed. I was able to develop my own ideas and quickly realize what part of my time I can contribute to Placense. Placense is an absolute game changer, if you want to do an internship abroad!
Within a very short time (2 weeks), I got an internship in an incredible tech startup in the heart of Israel. In Tel Aviv, you have an incomparable startup experience with great people, a vibrant town at the seaside and a family to guide you on your journey. You find yourself in an incredibly dynamic atmosphere, where everyone pursues the same goals and is ready to do whatever they need to do to. Getting to know this corporate culture is a priceless experience that I highly recommend to anyone.”

The Consulate General of the State of Israel for Southern Germany is providing subsistence allowances for interns in Israeli companies as part of the “New Kibbutz”.

At least in the 3rd semester, the applicant must take part in a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree program in the following countries:

  • From the 4th internship month for max. 3 months a subsidy of 500 euros per month
  • Application for the scholarship of the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg. The application is made via the International Office of the respective university
    - Bachelor students: 650€ /month
    - Master-students: 750€ /month
  • Up to 5,000€ can be awarded to universities for the promotion of events per application. In this case, scholarships of up to 250€ per person can be requested for travel and subsistence expenses
  • 380€ for travel expenses
  • From the 4th internship month for max. 3 months a subsidy of 500€ / month
  • From the 4th internship month for max. 3 months a subsidy of 500€ / month
  • From the 4th internship month for max. 3 months a subsidy of 500€ / month
  • From the 4th internship month for max. 3 months a subsidy of 500€ / month
  • Promotes 10 internships a year for 900€ each.
​North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Promotes 10 internships per year from the first internship month for max. 3 months with 500€ / month
  • Transportation and lunch costs will be covered from us